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It is known that, during tanning, nearly one third of the available Cr III does not bind with the leather and is therefore to be found the wastewaters to be processed.
A small portion of unbound Cr III is also to be found in the leather. This CR III may generate Cr VI under certain conditions.
Although Cr VI formation is extremely unlikely, this possibility poses finished-product toxicology problems which cannot be ignored.


Stefani Chimis has acquired resources for developing preventive solutions.
Through the use of specific products, we can provide guarantees that finished leathers are completely Cr VI-free.


PRODOTTO NS is a tannin with effective neutralizing and levelling powers for chrome leathers. Its major property lies in its capacity to combat hexavalent chrome formation during the various processing stages.
It is used with other neutralizing salts when a soft but not loose grain leather is required. Indeed, thanks to its deacidifying action, it enables cut neutralization without blister.

Used at the deacidifying stage it contributes to dye levelling and enhanced distribution of retanning agents and stuffing products. It can be used in powder form or dissolved in cold water.

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