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The strengths of “MODERN prodotti di rifinizione” (MODERN finishing products) lie in our modern technological resources and product innovation activities, as well as in our policy of providing immediate assistance backed up by an agile, flexible organizational structure..

As a result of specialisation in leather finishing chemicals, “MODERN” provides a full range of leading-edge compounds for all types of articles: footwear, furnishing, leather goods, clothing and articles for specific uses...


The business philosophy of “MODERN” is summed up in our determination to follow up market trends and meet market needs while paying all due attention to health and environmental considerations. “MODERN prodotti di rifinizione” offers the services of a reliable partner of tanning companies. Our experts consider it their mission to provide customer with top quality assistance, as and when required. Our labs include sophisticated equipment, enabling in-depth controls of raw materials and products in conformity with CEE regulations.
Research is also constantly conducted into leading-edge solutions in order to provide our customers with top quality compounds.

MODERN prodotti per la rifinizione della pelle”, is a newly established company owned by the Stefani brothers. Its head office is in Montebello Vicentino (Via Vigazzolo nr. 112). It consists in a production department with a centralized lab for the provision of technical assistance.
The brothers, Edgardo, Paolo and Giovanni Stefani have been in the leather processing business for more than three decades and have considerable experience as providers of services for the tanning sector of Arzignano (in the province of Vicenza, Italy). In 1978, they founded STEFANI CHIMIS (a company operational within the chemicals sector for wet-processing).
Stefani Chimis” is a leading company specialized in retannage, stuffing and dyeing processes. It is highly regarded by its customers as a provider of products manufactured according to the most demanding standards. The company is also renowned for its ability to efficiently provide assistance with all the diligence required of true professionals.



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